Your Life As A Therapist
By Joan Lavender, Psy. D.
Dear friends and colleagues,

I have just finished reading Presence, A Guide to Transforming your most Challenging Emotions, by Ann Weiser Cornell.  Ann's approach, based on the philosophy, research and psychotherapy of Eugene Gendlin, takes us into the moment by moment world of Experiencing and its extraordinary capacities.  In Presence, she gives us a practical guide for the therapist who uses Experiential Focusing, or for anyone sitting with their immediate experiential process, when you reach a frightening or stuck place. ...
Dear friends and colleagues,

I want to tell you about an extraordinary book recently published by a colleague in the focusing oriented relational psychotherapy community.  It is called The Poetry of Spirituality as seen through the Eyes of a Psychotherapist.  This book is a true labor of love, making the connection between spirituality and the essence of what goes into a meaningful psychotherapy experience.  What I appreciate especially is how the author and photographer go right to the heart of the issues - awe, faith, love...

If you are like most people engaged in a psychotherapy process, you may well wonder what is (really) going on inside your therapist's head.  This is natural and even useful, especially if you have the courage to say it!  

You might be interested in reading my piece One Therapist's Travel Log, in which I attempt to share with you, the reader, what occurs to me from moment to moment as I sit with each person. And how my listening process - attuned, temporarily on the blink or passionately heightened, is   ...

Subject: Fundamentals of Focusing-Oriented Relational Psychotherapy Starts January 7th

Join us for the new Fundamentals of Focusing-Oriented Relational Psychotherapy study program, presented by Lynn Preston and the Experiential Psychotherapy Project faculty (formerly The Focusing Oriented Relational Psychotherapy Program). This training is a unique opportunity for clinicians to be introduced to the powerful integration of focusing and relational psychotherapy.

This cour...
Mirror, Mirror...A Model’s Life
If you are an aspiring model New York City is a wonderful place, filled with opportunities to challenge yourself.  Yet, even in the midst of all this excitement, it is all too easy to feel harried and lonely.  And life in the modeling profession presents special challenges:
Looking great when you don’t feel great.
Accepting the abrupt ups and down of the profession.
Competition and comparison.
Balancing work with the rest of your life

“I wrote this piece because women in their 40s and 50’s during the 1970s were facing a demographic dearth of available men, and the women’s movement then (at that time in its history) had the paradoxical effect of supporting their ability and right to be without a partner, yet denying the fact that this was understandably painful for those women who so wished for a partner.

I wrote it because something felt uncomfortable about denying such a need. I wanted women to not have to pretend they don&rsqu...
Dear psychotherapy colleagues and other friends,

I thought you might be interested in learning more about the contribution that Eugene Gendlin PhD has made to the world - not only to psychotherapy, but also philosophy, the arts, mediation, spirituality, education and many other endeavors.

The Focusing Community, a very active global community, is celebrating Gendlin's work this October.  The events taking place will include watching Gene briefly describe three of his fundamental philosophical principles (by video) a...
At significant moments in sessions, we pay attention to the nuances of our client’s experiential process as it is conveyed through their verbal and nonverbal communication; and we rely on our own experiential process for our vital clinical intuition. We listen through these levels to grasp what our client is experiencing. It is inconceivable to consider the practice of psychotherapy without paying careful attention to experiential process...

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