The Creation of the Experiential Environment
If you have read my three earlier pieces, you already know aboutEugene Gendlin’s philosophy of experiencing, bodily felt sensing, interaction first, and progress in psychotherapy. Gendlin’s philosophy dictates that whatever the therapist conveys to the client — i.e. understanding, interpretation, and his own observation — must be taken in and passed through the client’s experiential process.

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12/03/18 10:10 PM
Joan Lavender
Glad to have the chance to share this piece with others. JL
10/15/13 8:11 PM
Joan Lavender
I welcome your blogposts here. If anyone who attended the Celebrate Gendlin event last evening, 10/6/13 would like to comment, please go ahead. Thank you. Joan Lavender
10/08/13 5:24 PM
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