Mirror Mirror - Are you a model looking for psychotherapy help?
Mirror, Mirror...A Model’s Life
If you are an aspiring model New York City is a wonderful place, filled with opportunities to challenge yourself.  Yet, even in the midst of all this excitement, it is all too easy to feel harried and lonely.  And life in the modeling profession presents special challenges:
Looking great when you don’t feel great.
Accepting the abrupt ups and down of the profession.
Competition and comparison.
Balancing work with the rest of your life
Making a steady income
Staying healthy in body, mind and spirit
Making sure you are being appreciated for your inner self,  not only for your looks      

If the demands of your situation are getting hard to handle, there is something you can do about it.  You can find your own natural capacity to move your life forward.  You can come into therapy and I can teach you the beautiful benefits of Experiential Focusing.
Experiential Focusing is a natural human process shown to correlate with positive life change, enhanced self-esteem, and the experience of integration and wholeness.  Focusing can be taught as a skill.  It is most effective within a psychotherapy relationship, where client and therapist use the combined power of their partnership to “shape shift” stuck patterns of being and relating.   Working together, your stress will reduce as your life is enriched. And you don’t need to be“ at the brink” to take action.

Experiential helps you to realize that you are already beautiful ON THE INSIDE!
The next time you look in the mirror,  you could see your inner self smiling back! 

Joan Lavender, Psy. D. is a psychologist with over THIRTY years experience working with interesting young women to create unique successful balanced lifestyles in New York City.  Her work includes Experiential Focusing, a psychotherapy process shown to correlate with positive life changes, enhanced self-esteem and the experience of integration and wholeness.  Joan is a native New Yorker and has written on body image, eating issues, loneliness, competition, envy and other challenges of female contemporary city life. 
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