New Course in Fundamentals of Focusing Oriented Relational Psychotherapy

Subject: Fundamentals of Focusing-Oriented Relational Psychotherapy Starts January 7th

Join us for the new Fundamentals of Focusing-Oriented Relational Psychotherapy study program, presented by Lynn Preston and the Experiential Psychotherapy Project faculty (formerly The Focusing Oriented Relational Psychotherapy Program). This training is a unique opportunity for clinicians to be introduced to the powerful integration of focusing and relational psychotherapy.

This course cuts across all types of psychotherapies to expand your natural ability (and training) to be present to your patients regardless of their styles or life situations.  

For more information and registration, contact Lynn Preston at 212 995 8116 or
You are welcome to contact me Joan Lavender at 212-866-0461 or at

Best Wishes for a Happy 2014!
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