Do you ever wonder what's going on inside your therapist's head?

If you are like most people engaged in a psychotherapy process, you may well wonder what is (really) going on inside your therapist's head.  This is natural and even useful, especially if you have the courage to say it!  

You might be interested in reading my piece One Therapist's Travel Log, in which I attempt to share with you, the reader, what occurs to me from moment to moment as I sit with each person. And how my listening process - attuned, temporarily on the blink or passionately heightened, is   
in response to the momentary quality of our relating.  

You can find my piece in Greg Madison's new book, Emerging Practice in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy: Innovative Theory and Applications (Advances in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy.   

I welcome your comments.
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