Happy 2015 and please read about an extraordinary new book on spirituality and psychotherapy
Dear friends and colleagues,

I want to tell you about an extraordinary book recently published by a colleague in the focusing oriented relational psychotherapy community.  It is called The Poetry of Spirituality as seen through the Eyes of a Psychotherapist.  This book is a true labor of love, making the connection between spirituality and the essence of what goes into a meaningful psychotherapy experience.  What I appreciate especially is how the author and photographer go right to the heart of the issues - awe, faith, love,compassion, joy and gratitude-in a way that simultaneously speaks to my heart and, I think, to the heart of those of us who have committed ourselves to the life of a therapist. 

If you are interested in knowing more about this book, just let me know and I will put you in touch with Elizabeth Dickson, LCSW, the author.

Wishing you a promising 2015.

Joan Lavender Psy.D.
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