You might be interested in Ann Weiser Cornell's new book - Presence, A Guide to Transforming your most Challenging Emotions.
Dear friends and colleagues,

I have just finished reading Presence, A Guide to Transforming your most Challenging Emotions, by Ann Weiser Cornell.  Ann's approach, based on the philosophy, research and psychotherapy of Eugene Gendlin, takes us into the moment by moment world of Experiencing and its extraordinary capacities.  In Presence, she gives us a practical guide for the therapist who uses Experiential Focusing, or for anyone sitting with their immediate experiential process, when you reach a frightening or stuck place.  Honestly, when I am in such moments with myself or with a client (or friend), I trust Ann's concepts to help me sustain an experiential level that is both safe and promising of new steps of growth.  
Our patients ask us why it is, inevitably, necessary to "sit with" their most threatening inner moments.  Ann's book not only explains why, but shows you how to do this.
This description might sound like Ann's book is only for the trauma survivor, but that would be an incorrect conclusion.  This process, dipping carefully into the world of the implicit,   is for anyone hoping for a creative inspiration that emerges from within their own unique process.
Enjoy the last few weeks of summer of 2015!
Joan Lavender

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