Relational Psychotherapy builds Psychological Courage
We rarely talk about the kind of courage it takes not only to look for psychotherapeutic help but to stay and see it through.  If you have chosen a psychotherapist who works in a Relational orientation you might want to understand how psychological courage fits in.   Here's some background:

All therapists are trained how to have professional relationships with their patients/clients.  This means that they respect the professional boundaries of the therapeutic relationship.  Therapists aim to help their clients to develop and maintain healthy enlivening relationships with others, and to develop the courage to modfy or end relationships that are destructive. Most therapists would say that they also help clients with the inner relationship with themselves i.e. self-esteem, self-identity, etc.  All of this is within the definition of "relational". 

Therapists who work in the Relational approach include an additional element that changes the feel of the therapy.  They know that powerful psychological growth can come spontaneously when the client and therapist work through  "rough spots" in their relationship.  Over time, the client feels safe enough to share thoughts and feelings in the moment about her experience of her therapist.  What feels helpful, what does not; what reminds her of difficult past relationships and what inspires her to feel freer than ever.  And her therapist (carefully and sensitively) shares the impact that her client has upon her, in the moment and over time.  She does not hide behind a "white coat";  neither does she drop her professionalism and slip into the role of a friend.  The relationship deepens as each person takes risks to share their human frailties and vulnerability.  These moments of meeting as human beings makes for emotional growth in both the client and the therapist.

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