Heal Your Envy
Is Envy (or fear of being envied) ruining your life?

You and your best friend are each dying to get pregnant, and have been trying for many months. Is something wrong? Then you get a call from her with the results from her last pregnancy test – she is pregnant! You can hear the joy in her voice, but you notice a twinge of envy. Can your good friendship survive this dilemma? 

You received a large well-deserved award at work. Close colleagues give you a standing ovation. Later on you find out that they are meeting at your favorite lunch hangout –without you. What do you think is going on? 

Your ten-year-old son has been caught bullying a younger kid in school who brags about how rich his parents are. You tend to have a case of “keeping up with the Joneses”. Is your son getting out of hand because your envy is out of control. 

You married a terrific woman who is loveable and talented. But lately you find yourself picking fights with her for no reason. You give her a hard time when she worries that you might be envious of her. You are shocked to realize that she is right. Or, you married a terrific man….. 

Or, you have been chosen to speak at a college reunion, and feel honored. But you turn it down. The image of standing on a dais, talking about your life achievements to a crowd of old classmates makes you cringe. You are a talented speaker, but feel afraid of sticking out, but don’t know why.
What Is Envy?

Aristotle defined envy as pain at the good fortune of others. Genuine envy creates tremendous suffering, shame and secrecy. Because envy is painful to feel, and is difficult to reveal, we may tend to keep the experience at a distance. 

Yet, if we can develop the emotional courage to face and understand these feelings, we can get tremendous relief that can change every aspect of our lives. You will have gone where few dare to go. 

Fear of being Envied

You might be surprised by how many people back off from taking meaningful steps in their lives out of fear of being envied. Sometimes the fear is from the past, yet carried inside. Other times, it is an actual present situation that is threatening. Healthy competition is one thing, but being the object of envy is a uniquely disquieting experience. 

I have developed a great respect for the impact of this green-eyed monster in the creation of suffering. We can appreciate the forces that created your envy and convert them into admiration and other life-affirming emotions.

If this resonates for you please let me help you find a way to heal your envy.  

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