Joan Lavender, Psy. D. Psychologist

This is a healing. I haven't allowed myself to heal.  I didn't understand it. I mean I heard what people said when they said this, but I didn'
t understand it until now.                 


What is keeping you from feeling fine right now?

Do you have trouble finding and sustaining satisfying relationships and don’t know why?

Are you in a sudden crisis or facing an inevitable life transition?

Are you anxious, depressed, moody, scattered or shaky for no apparent reason?

Do you worry that something about your personality is making life harder for you?

Are you a newcomer to the city, from afar, glad to be here yet missing home?

Are you a high achiever who keeps your emotional pain, (stress, anxiety) to yourself?

Are you in a life transition raising uncertainty about who you are, what you want, and what lies in your future?
What are you hoping for?

Relief from the pain of symptoms of all kinds.

Developing realistic expectations without being compromised.

Turning toward life changes and transitions instead of clinging to the past?

Turning raw talent into real accomplishment.

Increased ability to live life in the moment.

Understanding and appreciating what makes a marriage work.

Treating yourself and others with deep compassion.

As a seasoned  therapist, I can go beyond recommending that you get in touch with yourself to show you how to do it! 
I hope to convey a sense of comfort, thoughtfulness and responsiveness, no matter what you share with me, from the first to our final session.  

I’m a clinical psychologist with more than thirty years experience, working with people to create less painful, more satisfying, balanced and interesting lives.

Joan Lavender Psy. D.

If you would like a free 15 minute phone consultation with me, please be sure to leave me a message. 
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